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Senior Member Grade/Rank
Transitional Member Grade/Rank (Under 21)
Insignia Name Addressed As
(Senior Member)
Mr/Miss, Sir/Ma'am
(Flight Officer)
Mr/Miss, Sir/Ma'am
(Technical Flight Officer)
Mr/Miss, Sir/Ma'am
(Senior Flight Officer)
Mr/Miss, Sir/Ma'am
Senior Member NCO Grade/Rank
(For military or ex-military)
Insignia Name Addressed As
Sgt Sergeant
SSgt Staff Sergeant, Sergeant
TSgt Technical Sergeant, Sergeant
MSgt Master Sergeant, Sergeant
SMSgt Senior Master Sergeant, Sergeant
CMSgt Chief Master Sergeant, Chief
Senior Member Officer Grades
Insignia Name Addressed As
(Senior Member)
Mr/Miss, Sir/Ma'am
2Lt Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Sir/Ma'am
1Lt First Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Sir/Ma'am
Capt Captain, Sir/Ma'am
Maj Major, Sir/Ma'am
LtC Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Sir/Ma'am
Col Colonel, Sir/Ma'am
Brig Gen Brigadier General, General, Sir/Ma'am
Maj Gen Major General, General, Sir/Ma'am
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